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Bitron HVAC Systems 3-Way Mixing Valve

Bitron 3-way mixing valve has been designed specifically for the control and mixing of cold and hot water in heating circuits. It is composed by a plastic body, an electromechanical actuator and an internal ceramic flow mixing system.

Hydraulic connections are quite easy because the copper pipes can be mounted directly into the valve body by means of wire clips (supplied separately) and sealed with standard o-rings. This type of connection offers several advantages in terms of assembly time and costs compared to standard solutions with threaded brass nuts. In case it is needed, threaded brass junctions can also be supplied with different dimensions. Another advantage of this design is the valve body in composite material that allows additional cost savings and a significant weight reduction. How to mix the water and the flow rates can be customized on request.
The actuator can be easily removed: in case of blackout the valve can be manually controlled without affecting the integrity or the efficiency of the water system. The working status of the actuator can be easily detected by means of a led indicator.

Two different types of control are foreseen. The version powered with 230VAC can be controlled through the power line by means of two terminals for clockwise direction and other two for the counterclockwise direction (3 point control). The version powered with 24VAC can be controlled by means of an analogic input signal between Zero VDC and 10 VDC.

Technical specifications

1. Composite Material body
2. Easy and quick mounting to external copper pipes
3. Threaded brass connections available on request.
4. Mixing rate and flow rate customizable on request
5. The working status of the actuator can be easily detected by means of a led indicator.
6. The actuator can be easily removed. No need to drain the system.
7. Low pressure losses
8. High positioning accuracy of the internal movable parts

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Bitron HVAC Systems 3-Way Mixing Valve
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