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Associations • 22.02.2022
Biomass fuel is not a real renewable source: NGOs attack the European Commission

12 European NGOs signed a letter to the main European ministers calling for a climate policy that protects forests from wood harvesting for energy biomass

Associations • 04.03.2021
Renewable hydrogen will be key to Europe’s decarbonisation
A European Coalition for green hydrogen
Associations • 26.06.2018
AREA, a training Guide for technicians working with new refrigerants
AREA published an updated training Guide for technicians working with low GWP refrigerants, which includes a list of training facilities available within the 17 European countries part of the organization.
Associations • 23.12.2014
AREA presents its strategic Manifesto updated to 2020
AREA presents an updated Manifesto for RACHP contractors: European regulation, lifelong education&training and energy efficiency are current top priorities.
Associations • 12.12.2014
IEA, EU future major challenges: energy security, industrial competitiveness and sustainability
In its report, IEA gives some recommendations for an efficient Europe Energy Union: energy security, industrial competitiveness and sustainability are the top priorities for the future of the European community.
Associations • 09.12.2014
EHPA, heat pumps: the new ‘must' for Europe's Energy Union
EHPA announces the positive trend in heat pump sales across Europe, highlighting the many advantages related to the use of this technology, such as sustainability, competitiveness, security of supply and employment.
Associations • 11.02.2014
UK’s Construction Industry continued to grow in Quarter 4
(UK) For the first time in over five years, Construction’s Industry recorded three consecutive quarters of growth, private and public housing were the key drivers.
Associations • 04.02.2013
Offshore wind energy: boom of plants in 2012, UK biggest market
The EU market for offshore wind plants is still the biggest one, but slowing due to uncertain nationals and Community policies.
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