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Galletti SpA 29.10.2021

ART-U the first design fan coil

ART-U is a constantly evolving platform, available in multiple versions (different colors or customized front panel)

In full tradition of Made in Italy, which has combined technological innovation, attention to shapes, materials and customer experience, Galletti meets the vision of the Advanced Design Unit of the University of Bologna and creates a new concept of hydronic unit that makes the fan coil no longer an element to be hidden but a perfect union of technology, performance and aesthetics: this is ART-U, the first design fan coil, customizable. ART-U is enriched with new versions that make it possible to make customization still in tune with the environments. The continuous evolution of ART-U has given the inspiration to numerous designers to interpret their ideal spaces in which the Galletti fan coil integrates and enhances their projects until it becomes the protagonist.

ART-U is a constantly evolving platform, available in multiple versions (different colors or customized front panel)

With ART-U Metallic Skin, technological innovation meets the clean and textured line of the metallic structure to satisfy the most elegant design requirements. A unique, essential yet revolutionary style to touch, even with the eyes. Choose the ideal shade to bring life to seductive and exclusive settings. Essential, textured, elegant.
Available in four shades of colour: GREY, WHITE, RED o BLACK.

ART-U Canvas is the first customizable fan coil. The front panel of this special version of ART-U is the canvas on which to build the aesthetic of the spaces and a reflection of those who inhabit them, for the most authentic expression of your personal style revolution. Performance is guaranteed. Now it’s up to you to give them a face. Unique, versatile, taylor-made.

The fan coil panel is ready to be customized by interior designers with any solid color, image, or photograph to create a synergy with environments never seen before. You can choose whether to customize partially ("Graphic Skin") or entirely ("Total Graphic Skin") the front panel of the fan coil.
No colour is impossible, no texture is forbidden: create your furnishing concept with ART-U Canvas.

ART-U and designers

To enrich the content project, Galletti has selected some designers and design studios to create new creative proposals, inspired by the potential of this innovative product, to interpret and tell “ART-U through the eyes of designers”. 

According to Studio Podrini, Art-U Metallic Skin Grey is the perfect fan coil to be placed in a home office. This is a space that, in addition to being the "creative refuge" of the home, also becomes a representative office, welcoming clients in a tastefully designed setting, where the ventilation system contributes to the room's overall style.
In this delicate balance, the natural brushed aluminium finish of Art-U Metallic Skin Grey perfectly matches the textured walls and the power of the desk, as if to illuminate the work table and the ideas that are formed there.
Oecus Design has focused on the concept of smart working. The interpretation of ART-U Canvas Graphic Skin (fig.2), customized with the base in brushed aluminum enhanced by an “excavated” optical illusion, fits into an exclusive workstation in perfect Nordic style, immersed in the green and able to connect us not only with the world but also with our green side. 

3D Artist Filippo Petrucci interprets ART-U Canvas Total Graphic Skin with vintage-style pixel-art graphics (fig.3). The setting for this artistic expression is the open space of a videogames agency. ART-U was used as an integrated part of the graphic and interior design concept, with the intention of stimulating concentration, inspiration, creativity, and sharing.

The most award-winning by design

ART-U's extremely high aesthetic standards, as well as its technical performance, have been recognised by the judging panels of the most prestigious international industrial product design awards such as the RedDot Award, the Good Design Award, the BigSEE Product Design Award, and the Architecture Masterprize. Its recent selection to the ADI Design Index 2020 completes the list: ART-U was exhibited in June 2021, in Milan and Rome, in the exhibition of the best of Italian design. Its selection to ADI constitutes its official pre-selection for the prestigious Compasso d'Oro Award.

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ART-U the first design fan coil
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