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€7 million for the first network of European research infrastructures on energy storage

47 partners for the stoRIES project (Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System) to develop energy storage technologies
Green light for the first network of European research infrastructures on energy storage, a 7 million investment project aimed at improving and increasing use of renewable energy sources and accelerating Europe’s path to decarbonisation.

The project, called stoRIES (acronym of Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System) will last 4 years and will be managed by the researchers of the KIT (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie), the German university and national research centre.

Forty-seven partners from 17 different countries will be involved in the development of the first European research network. Of these, 16 will participate actively in research and development using their own infrastructures, while the remaining 31 will only participate by making their infrastructures available for the various activities. Overall, the stoRIES project will utilize a total of 64 research infrastructures and 5 areas dedicated to energy storage technologies, and enjoy the additional support of 80 external organisations.

Italy will be represented by ENEA, CNR and ENI, which will work together with the other partners of the project – institutions, research bodies, technology institutes, universities and associations from all over Europe, including Brussels-based EASE, the European Association for Storage of Energy, which has been pushing the transition of energy systems since 2011 and today represents more than 50 members.

Besides the development of research infrastructures in the energy storage sector, stoRIES project activities will also embrace the improvement of the materials used in this field in order to reduce the cost of energy storage technology and make it more flexible and competitive.

The role of ENEA mainly concerns hybridization, i.e. integration of different storage technologies and systems to expand flexibility and efficiency, with a focus on societal, technological and environmental aspects and implications. 

“StoRIES is a strategic project for ENEA and for Italy, as it will allow us to deepen and decline the concept of hybridisation of different forms of chemical, thermal and electrochemical storage in synergy with many other research groups”, says Giorgio Graditi, Director of ENEA’s Energy Technologies and Renewable Sources Department, who also adds that for this project ENEA will make available the advanced computation services of its CRESCO supercomputer, used as an experimental platform for the development and characterisation of new materials and components for thermal storage, and its laboratory dedicated to studying and testing of power-to-gas technologies.