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Wind industry achieves the historic result of 1 TW

According to GWEC data, the development of the wind industry will reach 8 TW by the middle of the century

The wind industry reached 1 TW in June. But what is missing for wind power to be fully deployed?

As follows, the analyzed Global Wind Energy Council - GWEC press release.


Wind industry: from the first pioneers to the latest technologies

This kind of result highlights the fundamental role that wind energy is playing in decarbonising the global energy system and helping the world to achieve climate and energy goals.

According to GWEC data, recently completed wind energy projects in China, USA, Morocco and Europe have pushed the capacity beyond the 1 TW threshold, while the industry meets the ever-growing ambitions of governments around the world.

As of today, wind power is constantly evolving but according to GWEC, it is important to remember the stories of the first wind pioneers, who inspired a generation of innovators to transform these early ideas into a real pillar of the world energy system. It also creates new clean industries and creates millions of jobs.

In the press release, GWEC specified that in order to avoid a climate catastrophe with devastating impacts on communities and ecosystems, it is necessary to rapidly transform national economies, increasing wind power capacity to reach at least 8 TW by the middle of the century.

In all the studied scenarios, investing in the wind industry will provide clean, reliable and affordable energy, increasing security of supply and price stability and creating sustainable jobs.

However, to achieve these benefits, the public and private sectors must come together to accelerate investment and allow wind energy to be accessible to all.