Water Chillers WLA Precision

Water Chiller designed for use in industrial applications in order to control the temperature of the watere or liquid to be cooled.


The Stulz water/liquid chiller WLA Precision is designed especially for use in industrial situations. The use of the chillers provides the means to accurately control the temperature of the water or liquid to be cooled.


• Horizontal structure
• WLA R407C: four lateral accesses for easy maintenance
• WLA R410A: compressor compartment and hydraulic compartment are separated, for easy maintenance
• Zinc-plated steel base, polyester powder RAL9005 orange peel finished
• Panels zinc-plated steel, polyester powder RAL7035 orange peel finished
• Base with mounting hole for wheels kit
• Arranged for lifting with lift truck or with crane with ropes

Refrigerant Circuit

• WLA R407C: Single circuit air condensed
• WLA R410A: Double circuit air condensed
• WLA R407C: one scroll compressor
• WLA R410A: four scroll compressors
• Ecological refrigerant gas R407C mod. B8...H8
• Ecological refrigerant gas R410A mod. J0...M7
• Condenser with aluminium fins
• Evaporator : stainless steel plate
• Thermostatic Expansion valve

Hydraulic circuit
• Standard equipment with pump and tank
• Fluid: water and antifreeeze
• Non ferrous circuit std.
• Centrifugal pump
• Adjustable by-pass with manometer
• Electrical level indicator std.

Electrical Circuit

• Electrical panel for outdoor installations
• Control panel with general switch and alarms diagnosis
• Electronic thermostat with temperature precision +/-0,5K
• Power supply and signals on terminals
• Standard signals: general alarm, on-off remote control
• Signals on request: electrical level, flow switch
• Antifreeze protection

Technical features


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