• Vertical structure
• Two removable panel for easy maintenance
• Zinc-plated steel base, polyester powder RAL9005 orange peel finished
• Panels zinc-plated steel, polyester powder RAL7035 orange peel finished
• Base with mounting hole for wheels kit
• Arranged for lifting with lift truck

Refrigerant Circuit
• Single circuit air condensed
• Hermetic reciprocating compressor mod. 13 ... 45
• Hermetic scroll compressor mod. 58...D8
• Ecological refrigerant gas R134A mod. 13 ... 45
• Ecological refrigerant gas R407C mod. 58 ... D8
• Condenser with aluminium fins
• Evaporator mod. 13-20 : immersed coil
• Evaporator mod. 35...A3 : immersed coil
• Evaporator mod. A6...D8 : stainless steel plate
• Expansion capillary pipe mod. 13...70
• Thermostatic Expansion valve mod. 85...D8

Hydraulic circuit
• Standard equipment with pump and tank
• Fluid: water and antifreeeze
• Non ferrous circuit on request mod. 13...85
• Non ferrous circuit std. mod. 95...D8
• Peripheral pump mod. 13...85
• Centrifugal pump mod. 95...D8
• Fixed by-pass with manometer mod. 13...A6
• Adjustable by-pass with manometer mod. A8...D8
• Electrical level indicator on request mod. 13...85
• Electrical level indicator std. mod. 95...D8

Electrical Circuit

• Electrical panel for indoor installations mod. 13...85
• Electrical panel for outdoor installations mod. 95...D8
• Control panel with general switch and alarms diagnosis
• Electronic thermostat with temperature precision +/-2K
• Power supply and signals on terminals
• Standard signals: general alarm, on-off remote control
• Signals on request: electrical level, flow switch, antifreeze protection

Technical features


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