Stulz Battery Cooler

Batteries used as a backup in case of power failure, assure the continuity of the data flow.


Batteries in telecom cabinets function as a backup in case of power failure and are essential to assure the continuity of the data flow. In Telecom cabinets and electronic facility rooms are, however, present some devices which can work at higher temperature.
In this case the best solution is to separate the cabinet in two areas with a different temperature control: one area dedicated to the batteries and maintained the correct temperature and protect from dust , wind, etc.; whereas the other area can be maintained at higher temperature. In this way is possible to significantly reduce the energy consumption for cooling.

The best working temperature range for battery banks is around 25 °C; is very important to maintain the correct temperature for the battery banks, in fact, if the cabinet temperature goes too higher the batteries life could be shortened.
Stulz range of air conditioners fulfill the requirements of battery banks cooling: EVE04 air conditioner for installation inside the cabinet, EVO04 air conditioner for installation outside the cabinet.

- Designed for the air conditioning of the battery banks
- EVE04 indoor / EVO04 outdoor
- Cooling capacity L35L35 400W
- Power supply 48 VDC
- EVE04 Digital Thermostat / EVO04 Mechanical Thermostat

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Stulz Battery Cooler
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Stulz Battery Cooler
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