With the "alfasolar Pyramid" solar module range we present an exclusive product design that offers an abundance of advantages for you in order to facilitate your selection from the broad range of offerings available on the market.
alfasolar supplies the Pyramid series only with positive performance tolerances. As a result you are only provided with modules with the nominal rating or higher. The maximum performance of the solar module is determined under standard test conditions with a measuring device of reference class AAA, calibrated with reference solar modules from the calibration laboratory of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (deviation +/- 2%).  

This year we have updated our module lines:

- Hightech line: Pyramid monocristalline with 60 cells and power range from 250W up to 260Wp. With up to 16,3% alfasolar Pyramid mono solar modules boast  the world’s highest efficiency levels among monocristalline solar modules. Moreover this module is equipped with the innovative Smart Diode technology;

- Premium line: our classic modules set by 60 cells with new power range from  230 to 245W and peek of efficiency up to 15,4%;

- Industrial+ line: polycristalline 60 cells-230W and 80 cells-300/310/315 W, with the new Antiglare Glass.

The solar cells of our solar modules have peak efficiency levels of up to 17% for the polycristalline and 18,8% for monocrisatlline cells, which is the best technology currently available. This makes it possible to achieve the maximum performance per unit area.
The special pyramid-shaped structures of the glass influence the light path and result in a higher light output. In this way an additional output level of up to 5% is achieved. Over the entire angle of insolation range the available light is almost completely guided towards the solar cells. Particularly in the case of oblique angles of insolation the proportion of reflected light rays is significantly smaller. In this manner it is possible to obtain more output even in the case of unfavourable alignments such as West to East or facade.
The structural glass in alfasolar Pyramid solar modules is extremely smooth. It is therefore difficult for particles of dirt to become deposited. They specifically migrate into the recesses and are subsequently easily removed by the rain and wind. As the ridges of the pyramids in the glass quickly become clean again, more output is achieved than in the case of smooth glass, from which dirt is not so quickly removed. 
Due to the high-quality components and state-of-the-art production technology, we can offer you the best guarantee conditions:
•    10 years product guarantee
•    25 years linear performance guarantee
In comparison to other polycrystalline solar modules, the alfasolar Pyramid solar module range achieves the best energy conversion in the case of moderate insolation levels, which are particularly common. The maximum level of efficiency of the module is achieved within the range of 200-900 W/m². The modules are therefore yield-optimised.
Our production sites in Hanover and Gällivare, Sweden are driven with electricity from hydroelectric power and solar energy. The administration section is also supplied completely with natural power from hydroelectric and solar energy.
alfasolar is a member of PV Cycle, the recycling system of the solar industry, alfasolar solar modules are therefore recycled at the end of their life.

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