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Projects • 17.03.2022
Nuclear energy: Generation IV reactors to be developed in Italy

The ENEA-newcleo agreement: research at Brasimone Research Centre (near Bologna) will explore the development of innovative nuclear reactors for the production of clean and safe energy

Projects • 05.07.2021
€7 million for the first network of European research infrastructures on energy storage
47 partners for the stoRIES project (Storage Research Infrastructure Eco-System) to develop energy storage technologies
Projects • 15.06.2021
Photovoltaics applied to geothermal heat pump: a Finnish study to reduce DHW heating costs
A research group from Finland’s LUT University has studied 4 different control methods for DHW heating
Projects • 01.06.2021
RETRADEABLES, the first European trading platform for used fluorinated gases
Thanks to the Life3R Project, RETRADEABLES promotes an alternative source for the supply of refrigerant gases
Projects • 13.05.2021
$42.8 billion for the world’s largest offshore wind farm. Up in the Nordic countries? No, down in South Korea!
The wind farm off the coast of the Shinan district to reduce fossil fuel emissions and costs
Projects • 03.03.2021
European Solar Initiative: here’s how solar photovoltaic production will make its way back to Europe
With the European Solar Initiative solar photovoltaic production will make its way back to Europe
Projects • 04.04.2014
Green Peace rewards Apple and other big of Internet for improved use of Renewable Energy
Greenpeace on its annual report on the energy efficiency of Internet companies, acclaiming Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and other major providers of online services for their efforts towards energy resources.
Projects • 13.03.2014
Bernard Matthews Farms towards energy Sustainability
(London) The UK Green Investment Bank (GIB) together with Equitix will finance Bernard Matthews’ turkey farms for the installation of biomass boilers.
Projects • 27.01.2014
World's largest Solar Bridge at Blackfriars Railwaystation
(UK) - The world’s largest solar bridge, with over 4,400 PV panels for a 1.103MW solar array, will generate an estimated 900,000kWh of electricity every year, providing 50% of the station's energy.
Projects • 03.10.2013
IKEA to sell PV panels in all UK stores
The Swedish furniture retailer is to sell low-cost PV panels at all its UK stores, thanks to the collaboration with Haenergy Holding Group.
Projects • 28.02.2013
Renewable: a heavily polluted area in Germany has become a PV plant of 2.7 MW
In Germany, a 2.7 MW photovoltaic system was installed over an area used for the disposal of acid tar, as a symbol of renewable energy, which takes the place of pollution.
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