Base heating strip for greenhouses

The Sunnyday Heating Strips effectively distribute the heat, keeping the soil temperature constant, uniform and controllable, thus allowing a balanced, fast and uniform development of the seedlings.


Heating systems are very important in greenhouses having a major impact on the growth of plants and on running costs.

Basal heating is the state of the art heating solution, whereby the soil is heated directly and thus heat is delivered where it is needed rather than wasted over the greenhouse volume.

Sunnyday basal heating solutions improve plants growth because they offer the highest channel density in the market allowing keeping the soil temperature constant, uniform and controllable.

Heating running costs and initial investement are reduced as heat is delivered where is needed, water needs to be heated only at  20-25°C to keep the soil at 18°C. This allows to use a smaller heat pump with considerable cost savings. Only 70W/m2 are needed, heat is not wasted to the indoor air which remains at 6°C.

Sunnyday thermal strips designed and made in Italy of high quality polipropilene are durable.

They can be made at custom lengths to suit you greenhouse and are shipped rolled in convenient 120x120x40 cm boxes.

Sunnyday thermal strips are the solution of leading greenhouses in Italy.



Technical features

- Unassailable from aggressive chemicals and atmospheric agents
- Lengths supplied to measure to match your greenhouse
- Shipped rolled in convenient 120x120x40 cm boxes.
- Easy maintenance and cleaning
- Guaranteed resistance up to 4 bar at 60ºC
- The highest channels density
- High quality polipropilene 


Greenhouse basal heating

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Base heating strip for greenhouses
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