OPTIMA: thermostatic valves Ivar


In the OPTIMA series of thermostatic valves, functionality meets aesthetics, thanks to a group of valves with a special design that suits the decor of any environment. The variety of versions available (black, gold, silver, white, chrome and stainless steel) make it a perfect addition to heated towel rails or radiators in the same colour, guaranteeing an elegant match.
OPTIMA thermostatically operated valves are equipped with a flow limiter device which is a double regulation system that, through a hole selector calibrated in six positions, determines the maximum supply to the heating element. The selector allows for the regulation of flow through the valve from Kv = 0.1 to Kv = 0.6. All of the thermostatic inserts can be inspected and the o-ring seal of the stainless steel spindle can be substituted, if necessary, while the system is working. OPTIMA valves are supplied with a 3/4'' F rotating connection and 3/4'' M - 1/2'' F nipple to allow a perfect connection with all types of radiators.
The H valves are suitable to floor or wall connection and represent a comfortable alternative to a lockshield-valve kit.
The thermostatic head DH 01 is the natural completion of OPTIMA valves, with a response time of just 10 minutes that allowed the head to obtain class A in prestigious TELL labelling system.

Brass parts: EN 12165 CW617N
Spindle: AISI 316L
Protection cap: ABS
Flow rate selector: PPA
Sealing components: peroxide EPDM

Thermostatic head
Knob: CW508L brass
Other brass parts: EN 12165 CW617N
Regulation spindle: C72 steel
Head body and locking pin: ABS
Safety device:
- cartridge and spindle: POM
- pring: spring steel wire DIN 17223 class D

Technical features

Max working temperature: 100 °C
Max working pressure: 10 bar
Max differential pressure: 1 bar

Thermostatic head
Liquid expansion thermostat
Setting range: 6.5÷28 °C
Hysteresis: 0.5 K
Response time (Z): 10 min
Water temperature effect (W): 0.8 K
Heat element inalterability range: -15÷+60 °C
Max heat transfer fluid temperature: 100 °C
Possibility of limiting and blocking the setting

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OPTIMA: thermostatic valves Ivar
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