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Historic Agreement at COP28: Global Stocktake Unanimously Approved

The global consensus on the Global Stocktake marks a crucial step in the fight against climate change

At COP28, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, a historic event occurred: 198 delegates unanimously agreed on the “Global Stocktake,” an assessment tool for countries' commitments and actions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, essential in combating climate change.


Global Stocktake: Moving Away from Fossil Fuels

Approved at the beginning of the plenary session, the Global Stocktake was highlighted by COP28 President Sultan AI Jaber as a historic moment, laying the groundwork for a global transformation. AI Jaber emphasized the inclusion of a reference to fossil fuels in the agreement's text as a revolutionary step in climate negotiations. He stressed the urgency of turning words into actions, with success measured by actions taken, and the importance of these decisions for future generations.

John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, called the agreement a significant milestone, noting its optimistic potential and the complexity of achieving global consensus amid international tensions.


Global Stocktake: Italy and Spain Enthusiastic About Achieving the Paris Agreement Goals

In Italy, the Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Picchetto, praised the agreement as balanced and appropriate. He highlighted Italy and Europe's role in achieving an optimal result.

In Spain, the agreement was also positively received. Teresa Ribera, the country's Vice President, affirmed the effectiveness of the Paris Agreement and its potential for concrete results. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, marking the beginning of a post-fossil era and recognizing European goals for 2030.

A strong signal of global commitment towards a more sustainable future.

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