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Energy efficiency • 20.11.2023
Decarbonization, There's Still Much to Do: Heating and Cooling Systems Responsible for 27% of Emissions

The new analysis by EHPA highlights deficiencies by European states in achieving climate and energy decarbonization goals

Energy efficiency • 01.08.2023
Solar Photovoltaic: Australia ranks first for rooftop installed capacity. The IEA analysis

The EU has reached over 23 GW of solar photovoltaic capacity. But urgent action is needed to increase energy efficiency

Energy efficiency • 10.07.2023
Heat pumps, 52.5 Mt emissions avoided. The European Commission now needs to exploit them to the fullest to decarbonise the energy sector

The total stock of 20 million heat pumps was reached in 2022, EHPA data report

Energy efficiency • 29.06.2023
All the advantages of electrification: from economic growth to energy security, the new IRENA report

Electrification will help reduce climate change impacts and improve energy security


Energy efficiency • 23.06.2023
Renewable sources: we are not doing enough. According to IRENA, a further 1,000 GW is needed by 2030

Growing gap between currently expected renewable sources and those actually required to limit global warming to +1.5°C 


Energy efficiency • 08.06.2023
We will need to double our energy efficiency targets if we are to limit global warming. The new IEA report

Increasing energy efficiency will lead to emission reductions and job creation

Energy efficiency • 21.09.2022
Why is it important to invest in solar energy technologies

For a more sustainable energy future it’s essential to boost solar energy production, but what technologies are available and what are their main advantages?

Energy efficiency • 27.04.2022
Fewer emissions, higher energy bills and energy dependence: why it is so important to reduce gas consumption

Temperature regulation, energy efficiency and "smart" mobility choices: here are some tips from IEA and the European Commission to reduce energy consumption and dependence on Russian gas

Energy efficiency • 24.11.2021
Economic recovery is good for energy efficiency, but the delay on climate objectives remains

According to the Energy Efficiency 2021 report by the IEA, energy efficiency in buildings, transport and industry must be accelerated, to reduce polluting emissions

Energy efficiency • 11.11.2021
COP26 has declared war on coal, but natural gas cannot be the 'bridge' fuel for the energy transition

Climate Analytics highlights the issue of natural gas: it also pollutes, but the sole focus of energy policies is the elimination of coal

Energy efficiency • 02.11.2021
Terna4Green platform to monitor decarbonisation of the Italian electricity system

Terna launches a new interactive digital platform to monitor decarbonising progress in the electricity system in Italy

Energy efficiency • 21.10.2021
The G7 can give the push towards electrification and zero emissions

Eliminating emissions for electricity production: the strategic role of the G7 towards net zero systems

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