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Energy efficiency • 27.04.2022
Fewer emissions, higher energy bills and energy dependence: why it is so important to reduce gas consumption

Temperature regulation, energy efficiency and "smart" mobility choices: here are some tips from IEA and the European Commission to reduce energy consumption and dependence on Russian gas

Energy efficiency • 24.11.2021
Economic recovery is good for energy efficiency, but the delay on climate objectives remains

According to the Energy Efficiency 2021 report by the IEA, energy efficiency in buildings, transport and industry must be accelerated, to reduce polluting emissions

Energy efficiency • 11.11.2021
COP26 has declared war on coal, but natural gas cannot be the 'bridge' fuel for the energy transition

Climate Analytics highlights the issue of natural gas: it also pollutes, but the sole focus of energy policies is the elimination of coal

Energy efficiency • 02.11.2021
Terna4Green platform to monitor decarbonisation of the Italian electricity system

Terna launches a new interactive digital platform to monitor decarbonising progress in the electricity system in Italy

Energy efficiency • 21.10.2021
The G7 can give the push towards electrification and zero emissions

Eliminating emissions for electricity production: the strategic role of the G7 towards net zero systems

Energy efficiency • 04.06.2021
Building and renovating existing buildings sustainably: this is what it takes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe
Scientists at EASAC propose key changes to building policies given that in Europe 25% of greenhouse gas emissions are generated by buildings
Energy efficiency • 17.03.2021
Will green hydrogen and sustainable bioenergy be key to the energy transition?
IRENA: green hydrogen and sustainable bioenergy for the energy transition
Energy efficiency • 17.12.2015
Photovoltaic installations are going to grow to 64.7 GW in 2016, Mercom Capital Group Reports
Solar installations are growing in 2016, too: 64.7 GW installations are forecasted.
Energy efficiency • 09.09.2014
Energy efficiency: the EU will spend about $800 billion by 2023
The EU will spend about $800 billion in the 2014-2023 period for energy-efficient products and services. France, Germany and the UK will probably drive the energy market over the next years.
Energy efficiency • 27.08.2014
European market trends towards nearly zero-energy buildings
An international study reveals that in Europe the emissions from heating and powering buildings will be virtually zero by next decade. Also the European citizens support the transition to nearly-zero energy buildings.
Energy efficiency • 22.01.2014
A survey by Worcester reveals bad habits in heating across UK
(UK) - The survey reveals that British are accustomed to turn the heating thermostats above the recommended level of 20°C and 21°C.
Energy efficiency • 19.09.2013
Storage market predictions: commercial PV storage will dominate by 2017
North America and Japan will be the key markets while today the growth of commercial energy storage exists thank to a small number of suppliers
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