ENE - Reversible geothermal heat pump

Water-to-water reversible heat pump with DHW production


Water-condensed reversible heat pump for residential use. It obtains heating or cooling energy from a water source or from a geothermal system, allowing a priority production of Domestic Hot Water and alternative heating/cooling of the whole dwelling in a completely autonomous way.

Technical features

• Electronically controlled Electric expansion Valve (EEV).
• User- and DHW- sides integrated pump control: the pump is directly controlled by the unit (pump is an optional accessory).
• Water-side pump with variable speed or 2/3-way modulating valve (optional)
• Double hydraulic circuit:
- Air conditioning circuit with cooling circuit side reversibility and set-point variable between min/max with voltage-free contact or with analogue signal 0-10V and 4-20mA, via serial
- DHW circuit managed by a 3-way valve on board, with priority respect to the other operating modes.
• ON/OFF scroll compressors.
• AISI 316 Stainless steel high efficiency brazed plate heat exchangers.

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ENE - Reversible geothermal heat pump
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