Design module for air intake and diffusion with the Coandă effect. Can be combined with 600x600 mm ACQVARIA hydronic cassette units. Also available with integrated AirClissi light module


Galletti introduces EFFETTO, the new design module for air intake and diffusion designed to complement the reliability and comfort of 600x600 mm ACQVARIA hydronic cassette units.

EFFETTO breaks with standard hydronic cassettes, going far beyond the classic grille with adjustable fins, creating an Italian-made hydronic cassette with a minimalist, streamlined design that can be incorporated into the style of any space. EFFETTO is not just about aesthetics but also comfort: the diffusion of air in the room is optimised thanks to the Coandă effect.


The true innovation of EFFETTO is in its metal front panel made of Dibond, which gives it a smooth, streamlined appearance. The brightness of the aluminium allows the grille to adapt to any situation, even in low light conditions, while keeping the milled edge of the panel, which outlines its shape, clearly visible. The steel air intake grille creates a single surface with the Dibond panel, thus enhancing the overall slim design of the product. The main panel, which is set away from the ceiling, not only connects to it like any other cassette, but also interacts with all the elements and light sources in the room.

Three colour versions are available: natural brushed aluminium, white RAL 9010 and black RAL 9005. Black is also used for all the components of the internal and technological structure in order to create a shadow effect on the surrounding surfaces, making the panel appear to float in the air.

Coandă effect

The geometry of the ducts was designed with the aid of computational fluid-dynamic (CFD) simulations with the aim of ensuring that the Coandă effect was utilised to its fullest, optimising the air flow to achieve the most even distribution possible in the space, avoiding localised situations of discomfort, especially in cooling mode. Thanks to the ducts and the Coandă effect, the air flow reaches the ceiling and walls without ever passing directly over the occupant.


EFFETTO AirClissi is the innovative solution that integrates, inside the suction module Coandă effect air, a thin layer of LED light, designed to enhance the style of the environment in total synergy with the main lighting devices. Panel in exclusive material Dibond® in 3 color versions. Neutral 4000 K LED light layer, with adjustable light intensity via EVO controller.


Available Versions

  • Aluminium panel GREY, natural brushed
  • Aluminium panel WHITE RAL 9010
  • Aluminium panel BLACK RAL 9005
  • AirClissi with integrated light module available in three color versions

Technical features

  • Essential and linear style
  • Unusual materials in the cassette segment
  • Optimised air delivery thanks to the Coandă effect
  • Dibond - sealed against condensation formation
  • Reliability of ACQVARIA cassettes
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the magnets on the front panel

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