Integrated solution with advanced features

The Dachs SE, a new integrated solution for the supply of space heating, domestic hot water and electrical power. The system is modular in design and can be configured to suit many applications including domestic dwellings, apartment blocks, community heating leisure centres, offices, hotels, sheltered housing developments and healthcare buildings. The system can be configured to meet the heat and power demands required by different types of buildings.

Additional Modules
The basic system consists of the Dachs mini-CHP unit and a buffer vessel. A hot water heat exchanger module is available which can
deliver up to 30 litres/min. In case of a high energy demand e.g. in flats and hotels, additional Dachs mini-CHP modules can be connected
together to form a larger system. It is therefore possible to cater for a wide range of heating system requirements.

MSR2: Smart Control
The Dachs SE system is controlled by a new intelligent controller - the MSR2. The MSR2 integral control system controls all components associated with the system including heating circuits, peak load boiler and the domestic hot water heat exchanger module.

The configuration and the set-up of the system is simplified by means of a 4 digit hy drau lic code. The integrated modem provides the option of remote monitoring and control of the system, and enables the transfer of
operational data and faults.

Modular heat supply with the SE technology
• Can be linked to all existing heating systems
• Suitable for all purposes due to multi-modular capability
• Buffer vessel prepared for the connection of DHW cylinder,
heating circuits and additional peak load boilers
• Plug-and-play style installation
MSR2 system controller for straightforward controlling
and monitoring
• Easy to use display
• Easy to set up with a 4 digit hydraulic code
• 30 pre-set hydraulic schemes ensure quick configuring;
free programming also possible
• Integrated modem for transfer of Dachs data
Advantages for consultants and installers
• Reduction of time required for design, installation and
• Modular components combined with comprehensive
control and hydraulic connections reduce design and
installation time
• On-site interrogation via an infrared interface to a laptop
• Remote monitoring and configuration of the whole plant
to optimise service intervals
More benefits and better service for the end-user
• Integrated solution for power, heat and hot water
• Modular technology to meet all heat requirements
• Low installation costs allows additional mini-CHP modules
to be added when required.

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