Crystall Carisma System Electronic Filter - Sabiana

Each model and version of the Sabiana Carisma fan coils is available, exclusively, with the patented Crystall electrostatic filter. This is an active electronic plate filter.


The CRYSTALL SABIANA electrostatic filter matches the need for better air conditioning with the concepts of space and design.

With this filter the various stages of air treatment are combined in one appliance.

Thanks to this new patented filter, air pollutants such as cigarette smoke, dust, pollen and most biological organisms are eliminated.

In addition, as fresh air is not being introduced to obtain the best climatic conditions, there are 
consequential energy savings
Purifying the air with the Sabiana Crystall appliance also entails no reduction of living room space, as the dimensions of the fan convector are practically unchanged (just 10 cm higher). 
The positioning of the electronic filter allows simple and effective maintenance and, as it is easy to wash, its working life is practically unlimited. 
The modularity of the filter components and their ease of mounting make the system extremely competitive in terms of cost compared with other types of filters present on the market.

In spring and autumn, if environmental air conditioning/heating is not required, the appliance acts simply as an air purifier. 
All electrical connections are made during production.

Technical features

The Crystall electronic filtering system consists of two parts: the first is a plate type electronic active filter and is fitted in the suction section of the fan coil, while the second is an electronic control and regulation board. 
Active plate type electronic filter 
The filtering element consists of two sections: the first consists of electrodes and insulating elements, 
forming a self-supporting ionising frame, while the second consists of special reliable steel profiles (collector). 

The two sections are installed in an extractable drawer mounted on lateral telescopic guides to make the extraction and maintenance of the filter easier. 
The extraction of the drawer actuates a safety microswitch that cuts off the voltage supply to the electrodes. The collector can be cleaned by washing with water and ordinary detergents or steam jets (please consult the maintenance manual for further details). 

Electronics board 
Controls and regulates all functions of the electronic filter. 

It is appropriately protected against any operating defects of the electronic filter. 

It supplies a constant voltage to the electrodes when the mains supply voltage varies (± 15%). 

The supply transformer is constructed with its primary and secondary coils physically separated and wound onto separate cores. 

The energy consumption depends on the size of the fan convector on which the filter is mounted, with a maximum value of about 0.02 kW. 

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Crystall Carisma System Electronic Filter - Sabiana
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