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Sabiana Spa

Founded in 1929 by Benvenuto Anatrella and Franco Binaghi, Sabiana is nowadays one of the Europe leading companies in the air conditioning area.
But, more than this, Sabiana is a company whose impeccable reliability, seriousness and know how are universally recognized. Such reputation has allowed it to become a member, as of 1st July 2014, of the AFG Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG Group. An international group, technological leader in the production of materials for constructions that operates worldwide with more than 40 distribution companies and with active representatives and partners in more than 70 countries, providing jobs to a total of approximately 6,300 employees.

Today's production ranges over from huge industrial air conditioning systems to residential devices, such as the fan coils conditioning the awarded Bosco Verticale building in Milano. At world level, it leads on the radiating stripes market, thanks to which it continues to win prestigious commissions, such as the heating of the enormous hangars in which Airbus A380 is built.

More than 40 selling agencies in Italy, 50 distributors in Europe, and, in addition, 73 customer services, guarantee the company's presence near by designers, retailers and installers. But Sabiana's best warranty is its tradition of customer satisfaction. It is not by chance that the over 180 employees' motto is: We are a Company of people, not of numbers. People working to the left of other people. Believing that one's winning is the winning of everybody.

Sabiana cares much of energy saving: all its main products (unit heathers, fan coils, Uta) can be issued with Innovative electronic motors with low power consumption. More: the exclusive Crystall filter, installable over many air conditioning devices, allows (on the basis of 13779 UNI EN 2008) to reduce by 50% the need for air exchange. An energy saving that reaches 60% using electronic brushless engines.
The company's global quality allowed Sabiana to get, since 1996, Iso9001 cerification.

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