Beghelli Acqualuce Golden Roof


The Beghelli Group presents its new Acqualuce Golden Roof, a system composed by a single module with thermal silicon integrated on the back panel.
These energy modules can produce both electricity and hot water.

Golden Roof Acqualuce saves space on the roof and money, by combining a side made up of 72 photovoltaic cells with an aluminum rear shock absorber with high thermal conductivity, which is converted into a coil for the circulation of a heat transfer fluid.

Heat from the production of photovoltaic energy is transmitted to the coolant, which in turn becomes a transfer medium to carry the heat stored in a system of hot water (DHW).

The placement, at the back of photovoltaic cells allows better cooling of the PV system as well as increasing their efficiency to ensure the production of ACS.

A properly sized system can ensure the coverage of the annual requirement of hot water up to 90%, while increasing energy efficiency of solar-cooled heat transfer fluid up to 20%.

"Thanks to the technological peculiarities of the new modules, which combine the PV system to the heating - says Gian Pietro Beghelli, president of the group - Golden Roof Acqualuce Beghelli brings to the customer´s home solar electricity and savings in the production of hot water, which over time might be at no cost. "

"This is a real golden opportunity for our bill - says Gian Pietro Beghelli - because the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system allows, in many cases, clearing the bill for home, while covering the need of hot water up to about 90%. "

The combination of photovoltaic module system and radiant aluminum is a winner for both technologies. First of all, the efficiency of the photovoltaic module increases due to cooling provided by liquid flowing through the thermal circuit. In addition, solar thermal and photovoltaics elements are being placed on the same panel, not increasing the overall dimensions.

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Beghelli Acqualuce Golden Roof
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