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    Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is an Italian and European
emergency lighting leader – with a market share higher than 50% - that also operates in the fields of energy saving lighting, and electronic domestic, industrial and urban safety & security systems.

A precise strategy based on development of products featuring technologically advanced functional characteristics and cutting-edge design, on a widespread distribution network and on considerable investments made in production capacity, marketing and communication. This has lead the Group in a few years of considerable grouwth to reach the current position with a consolidated turnover of 151,1 million of Euro in 2009.

Familiar to the Italian population for their consumer products due to the television advertisements, the Beghelli Group’s core business is in the emergency lighting sector, but the company is fast consolidating its position in the fields of energy-saving lighting and safety systems.

The maintenance of Beghelli leadership is based on its ability to interpret the market requirements; over the years investments in product quality and Beghelli brand name recognition have contributed to establishing the Group’s name in its traditional business guaranteeing the success of new product launches.

The Beghelli Group in the field of safety and services offers innovative solutions combining products and services typical elements of building automation. In this respect the Group offers telematic systems providing teleassistance both for private and industrial use, that can be connected to the Beghelli SOS Centre 24h per day for the entire year to provide a complete safety system.

The Beghelli with its social-driven philosophy has developed its activity on the security needs, starting from workplaces and through a costant growth expanding its activity to
person and home.

The same philosophy has led the Company to develop a new line of energy-saving lighting products, that is the natural extension of Beghelli core business, the emergency lighting.

Beghelli is now a leading company on the market that offers energy saving and safety products that are also ‘intelligent terminals’ through which assistance and services can be offered too.

Even if the potential growth on the domestic market is extremely high - due to the still scarce observance of the Decree Law 626/94 on workplaces, stronger awareness of the home safety – the Beghelli Group is also focused on international growth.

In 1999 Beghelli S.p.A. acquired Elplast a.s. based in Brno in the Czech Republic. Elplast a.s. develops and produces lighting equipment, in particular metal ceiling lamps. This company was fully restructured to ensure alignment with the Group’s quality
standards and strengthen its position as a lighting equipment producer.

At the beginning of 2000 Beghelli Group acquired 75% of Luxnet, Canadian company that produces and distributes lighting and emergency lighting products.
Luxnet has become Beghelli Canada and the brand, distributed all over the country, already has a 15% share of the Canadian emergency lighting market and is getting important results in the energy saving lighting market.

During 2000 Beghelli Group acquired 67% of Praezisa, German company that produces emergency central battery systems, the second most important company of the emergency lighting market in Germany, that is considered the biggest market in Europe. This acquisition strengthens the Beghelli Group presence in its sector and confirms the strategy to expand its business abroad.
In 2006, the operation was completed by purchasing the remaining 33% from founders and minority shareholders.
The commercial network of Praezisa is an important vehicle to offer the Beghelli energy saving lighting on a market that is very sensitive to this subject. There are in fact estimations where the 20% of the German market is of energy saving lighting.

The acquisition of Praezisa provides Beghelli with access not only to the german market but also to the north european countries, where Praezisa is well distributed.

During 2004, Beghelli bought 60% of the company Jangsu Shifute Lighting Equipment Co. Ltd., lighting equipment manufacturer for the Chinese market, then buying the remaining 38.4% in February 2007.
Jangsu Shifute Lighting Equipment, with its head office in Jiangsu (near Nanjing), has about 1000 employees: engineers, workers and sales people, and in 2005, the first year the new production site came into operation, had a turnover of over 21.8 million Euro. The sales network covers a good slice of China through more than 20 offices and over 300 authorised resellers.

The acquisition – besides meaning direct access to the Chinese market- will allow Beghelli to develop Group presence in the Far East markets, where it is present through its subsidiary Beghelli Asia Pacific, and to set up important cost reduction synergies.

All Beghelli acquisitions abroad, besides meaning direct access to that market, have enabled the Group to achieve its present 32,4% export share.

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