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Around the world • 02.12.2021
$278 billion needed to decarbonize the steel industry globally

According to BNEF's "Decarbonizing Steel: A Net-Zero Pathway" report, decarbonizing the steel industry globally will require investing in hydrogen and recycling 

Around the world • 22.07.2021
Illegal traffic of F-gases: Spanish authorities find more than 180,000 kg of fluorinated gases
Trade network of illegal refrigerant gas cylinders cracked: 5 people arrested
Around the world • 12.07.2021
Put a stop to coal! This is Carbon Tracker’s plea to the 5 Asian countries responsible for 80% of new coal plants
Despite renewables’ increasing competitiveness, coal is still going strong in Asia
Around the world • 14.06.2021
Europe’s largest electric boiler will be built in Amsterdam
Europe’s largest electric boiler will be built in Amsterdam and set in 2024 by Vattenfall
Around the world • 31.05.2021
It’s a first in the Caribbean: Italy-based Leitwind installs 6 wind turbines that can stand up to local hurricanes
Leitwind has developed turbine blades able to withstand extreme wind speeds for Grande-Terre, an island in the French West Indies
Around the world • 21.05.2021
Could concrete buildings become giant rechargeable batteries?
Sweden-based Chalmers University of Technology develops the first concept of rechargeable batteries made of cement, for sustainable building
Around the world • 11.05.2021
Germany to convey green hydrogen in the country’s natural gas network
Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute have developed a technology that separates green hydrogen from natural gas, conveyed together through the same network
Around the world • 13.04.2021
The 12 companies awarded by BNEF in 2021 for their pro-climate innovations
The winners of its 2021 BNEF Pioneers award for companies leading the fight against climate change
Around the world • 12.03.2021
Evolution in homebuilding: the first 3D-printed homes up for sale in Texas
ICON and 3Strands complete their first 3D printed housing development using innovative software and materials
Around the world • 02.03.2021
Illegal black market refrigerants flowing into Europe through Spain
Debate between Spanish authorities looks to identify actions to stop the illegal trade of HFC gases
Around the world • 28.01.2021
Greece invests in floatovoltaics
Over €170 million invested by TERNA ENERGY to build 3 floating solar plants in Greece
Around the world • 04.05.2015
Brazil becomes more and more green: Cristalândia wind project borns thanks to the Italian company Enel Green Power
The perspectives for the wind project are 90 MW of wind capacity installed and 190 million US dollars invested are.
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