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Aiisa 16.11.2010

AIISA and ExpoClima: new partnership

AIISA (Italian Association of Hygienists of HVAC Systems) members share the common willing in operating at the top level in the field of HVAC Systems maintenance and cleaning. AIISA adopted the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Associations) Standard available since 20 years and organizes in Italy the ASCS ( Air System Cleaning Specialist ) examination in Italian language.
AIISA  was born in April 2004 by the cooperation of Italian Companies operating in the HVAC field. The Regular Members are actually 45 and approach the market with a shared expertise. They are present in most of the Italian Regions and foresee a significant potential of growth in this new business.

AIISA has constructive relations with other Italian Associations and Institutions.
AIISA organizes its Annual Meeting called ANAM (AIISA NADCA Annual Meeting) in order to update the culture of his Members. The Convention includes  a scientific session open to the world of cleaning and sanification of HVAC systems.

Beside the meeting AIISA will host a  Trade Exposition open to the Cleaning and Restoration Industry .

The Next ANAM will be held in Bari on February 2011.

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AIISA and ExpoClima: new partnership
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