4-noks Power Reducer RC: wireless control device to be combined with single-phase and three-phase Elios4you Smart systems

Wireless control device to be combined with single-phase and three-phase Elios4you Smart systems to maximize self-consumption, storing hot water with electric water heater or heat pump


4-noks Power Reducer control unit uses the solar PV system to produce hot water for sanitary use and heating, thus significantly reducing gas bills.
When water is heated using an electric element (such as in a water heater or a storage cylinder), it can happen that the supply of energy effectively needed to operate the heater at full power may not always be available.

Thanks to Power Reducer technology, this is not a problem, since the device is able to divert only the energy available from the PV system to the heating element, exploiting even as little as a few hundred watts, without EVER drawing power from the grid.
It is suitable for hot water storage tank/electric immersion heaters rated up to 3.0kW; Power Reducer RC allows a significant improvement in self-consumption.
This device can be easily installed close to the hot water storage tank/electric immersion heater, without additional wiring thanks to the Elios4you Smart or Elios4you [Pro] Smart systems with wireless connection.

The configuration and related information about the self-consumed instant power are available on the free “Elios4you” App

Technical features

Main functions
  • Linear modulation of power drawn by the electric heating element
  • Maximum load: 3.0 kW @ 230Vac 50Hz
  • Boost function: 100% activation of load, irrespective of how much power is available from PV energy production. This function can be used to force the production of hot water (with a weekly timer if so desired), for example to meet an increased requirement, or during a particularly rainy winter period.
  • Easy to install: no plumbing skills required
  • Safe: compliance with EC and EMC regulations for residential and commercial use
  • Wireless connection
  • Configuration and management directly from the free “Elios4you” App
Compatible products

Power Reducer RC can be combined with:
  • Elios4you Smart: monitoring and self-consumption device for single-phase systems up to 6.0 kW
  • Elios4you [Pro] Smart (Elios4you Pro + Pro Smart): monitoring and self-consumption device for three-phase systems up to 100 kW
Available versions

There are three models of Power Reducer available, to meet different installation and operating needs:
  • Power Reducer / Power Reducer RC to be combined to the Elios4you system, for a complete management from the App
  • Power Reducer SA stand-alone version, for solar PV systems without monitoring system


Power Reducer can be connected to:
  • Water heater to produce hot sanitary water
  • Storage tank for thermal storage
  • Heat pump to heat water activating only the integrated heating element

Available documents

4-noks Catalogo
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Commercial files - EN
Self-consumption brochure EN
Commercial files - EN
4-noks Brochure autoconsumo
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Application note - 4-noks - Usare l'energia fotovoltaica per scaldare l'acqua con Power Reducer
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4-noks Power Reducer RC: wireless control device to be combined with single-phase and three-phase Elios4you Smart systems
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