ZeroCO2 small – Single-phase Hybrid Inverter

Single-phase hybrid inverter for residential application with power by 3 to 6 kW.


Hybrid Inverter ZeroCO2 small is available in 5 different models, each with the following dimensions:  height 505 mm, width 333 mm, depth 249 mm, and with a weight of 17 kg.

The product includes an energy meter that can be installed on the exchange and on the loads and is equipped with a color LCD graphic display.

ZeroCO2 small has the possibility of “zero grid entry” function and Wi-Fi monitoring.

Technical features


  • Color LCD graphic display;
  • Input currents up to 15A to manage the new generation photovoltaic modules;
  • Automatic management of energy flows from photovoltaic, battery and grid;
  • Energy meter included, can be installed on the exchange and on loads;
  • Powerful 100 A battery charger for the 4.6 - 5 and 6 kW models;
  • Equipped for the EPS function in case of grid blackout with power up to 5 kW (optional);
  • Possibility of “zero grid entry” function;
  • Possibility of retrofit installation;
  • Suitable for energy communities;
  • Protection degree IP65;
  • Wi-Fi monitoring included;
  • Compatible with Pylontech and LG Chem low voltage batteries;
  • 10 year warranty with remote monitoring connected.

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ZeroCO2 small – Single-phase Hybrid Inverter
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