SUNWARE® solar modules, without glass, are functionally reliable, robust, light-weight, weather-proof and sea-water resistant: therefore they have been specially designed for marine applications on board. 
The innovative manufacturing process and the use, in some cases, of 40 polycrystalline solar cells instead of 36, make them particularly suitable to be installed on the deck of the boat, avoiding vibrations and the negative effects of high temperature. 
Self-cleaning and safe to step-on, SUNWARE® modules are easy to bend and can therefore adhere to the deck (maximum bending 3%, i.e. bending of 3 cm per 1 m long module). 
Each module is supplied complete with stainless steel back-plate, a sea-water proof and UV resistant cable (3 m long – red/blue 2x1.5 mmq), a surrounding edge protection profile and mounting stainless steel eyelets for easy installation using screws, hooks or ropes. 
Manufacturing process, result of long experience achieved, includes an individual final test for each SUNWARE® solar module. All modules are covered by a 3 year warranty on the power output.

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