In order to meet the new regulations in respect of energy saving in passive and Low energy houses, triple glazing is a necessity. Furthermore, triple glazing is increasingly recommended these days. For this Scheuten presents the right solution: Scheuten Super Neutral Lite (SSN Lite), a coating that has been developed especially for triple glazing, and because of which values of Ug. 0.8 W/m2 K (12 mm) are feasible (double glazing is 1.1 W/m2 K). Scheuten SSN Lite can be compared with an insulated stone wall that offers the advantages of the energy and light of the sun.
To have optimal use of the energy, triple glazing has to meet specific characteristics: a high g-value (solar energy gain) and a high light transmission. Scheuten’s new coating, the SSN Lite has a g-value of at least 60% without making concessions to the thermal insulation. In addition, the SSN Lite has an incredibly high light transmission of 73%. Thanks to the most neutral optical colors, SSN Lite offers more heat and more light.

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