SS6, multistage mixed-flow electric pumps

SS&, multistage mixed-flow electric pumps, completely made in stainless steel.


Multistage mixed-flow borehole electric pumps, completely made in stainless steel (AISI 304L or AISI 316 on request), usable for wells from a minimum diameter equal to pump size or greater and capable of developing a wide range of Flows and Heads.

These pumps can be used in a wide range of lifting, distributing, and pressuring application: domestic and general water supply; sprinkler and drip irrigations systems; fire-fighting installations; lowering of groundwater level; industrial supplies as mining, hot springs, autoclaves and tanks.

These pumps are suitable both for standard water and for aggressive water applications by choosing the proper manufacturing material (AISI 304L or AISI 316) both for hydraulic part and motor.

Special version of motors with PE2+PA windings can be used on request for high-temperature water applications up to maximum 50°C.

Pumps can be installed both vertically and horizontally simply by removing the non-return valve and adding a cooling sleeve to the suction case (the only remark is to check the motor applicability to horizontal operations, refer to the motor specifications section).

Technical features

Mixed flow pumps with diffusers, impellers, brackets, suction case and discharge case completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 in order to provide maximum strength, durability, wear and tear resistance.

Coupling with 4”, 6”, 8” or 10” motor depending on the power requested by hydraulic part:

  • 4GG: 4” canned submersible motor;
  • 6GF: 6” canned submersible motor;
  • TR6: 6” rewindable submersible motor;
  • TR8: 8” rewindable submersible motor;
  • TR10: 10” rewindable submersible motor;
For inverter application refer to the detailed motor specification.

Performance range:
flow up to 75 m3/h and max head of 670 m
Max. quantity of sand/silt
: 50g/m3 ;
Max. ambient temperature
: 30˚C (50°C available on request);
Outlet connection diameter (inside threaded):
SS6 A / SS6 B : 2 ½” - -SS6 C : 3”;
SS6 D – SS6 E : 4”;
Nr of starts
: refer to the motor specification;
Motor Cooling flow
: refer to the motor specification;
: horizontal or vertical, refer to the motor specification.

  • Pump body stainless steel AISI 316 for aggressive water application;
  • Impellers stainless steel AISI 316;
  • Motors in full stainless steel AISI 316 for aggressive water application;
  • Star/Delta starting version;
  • Special version of the motor for high temperature application;
  • Non-standard power coupling.

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SS&, submersible pumps and motors - DABpumps
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SS6, multistage mixed-flow electric pumps
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