P3ductal careplus: the first self-cleaning air duct


P3ductal careplus is a new panel for the manufacturing of ducts, in which the area in contact with the air, is treated with a revolutionary coating which is able to reduce the accumulation of dust and solid particles.

P3ductal careplus ensures:

> an automatic cleaning action on the treated surface thanks to the simple air-flow inside ducts;
> simplification of maintenance and cleaning operations of ducts;
> a higher efficiency of the antibacterial treatment of the p3ductal care.

Evolution goes through the “lotus effect”
Thanks to the special structure of its leaves, the lotus plant is able to perform a natural self-cleaning action. Today, thanks to the special nano-structured coating, P3ductal careplus reproduces this phenomenon re-creating the same self-cleaning effect inside the duct.

The large scale test

Thanks to the use of a semimetal simulating air ducting system, the comparison between air ducts manufactured using the P3ductal careplus technology and traditional ducting systems, has highlighted the advantages of the self-cleaning technology, based on the methods described in standard UNI EN 15780.

The first self-cleaning and antimicrobial panel

To ensure the maximum air quality, the “self-cleaning” solution is not enough. The optimal result is obtained by combining the efficiency of this new solution with the positive effects of the P3ductal care solution with antibacterial treatment.

Laboratory tests performed on aluminium samples treated with this new coating have given very positive results, confirming a big scale antimicrobial activity, which continues also after the accelerated ageing tests, performed by simulating 20 cleaning processes with nylon brushes as required by UNI EN 13403.

Technical features


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P3ductal careplus: the first self-cleaning air duct
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