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Flir Systems Inc 08.03.2011

New FLIR Ebx-Series Infrared Cameras

The FLIR Ebx-Series are small and lightweight thermal imaging cameras designed for those needing
higher resolution and more features and for whom documentation of findings are important.
The FLIR Ebx-models include the features you need to make well informed building decisions like built in
insulation and dew point alarms. The cameras are specifically designed for building inspections such as,
HVAC heating and cooling issues, air flow, moisture detection, insulation problems, and much more.
The FLIR Ebx-Series is available in four different versions. According to its needs the user can either choose for the E30bx, E40bx, E50bx or E60bx. The FLIR E40bx / E50bx / E60bx are equipped with a digital camera, a LED lamp and a laser pointer.

•    Up to 320x240 pixels
•    FLIR Thermal Fusion
•    FLIR Picture-in-Picture
•    High quality visual camera
•    MeterLink™ functionality
•    Text and voice annotations
•    Dew point/Insulation Alarm
•    High thermal sensitivity: 0.045°C
•    Transmit images to smart phone or tablet PC
•    Large 3.5”LCD color screen
•    Built-in LED light
•    Long life battery: 4 hours
•    Exchangeable lens
•    Laser Pointer

 * Features dependant on camera model, please ask for full technical
specifications about each model..

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New FLIR Ebx-Series Infrared Cameras
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