Navycell®, Thermal insulation for marine sector


Navycell® is a light blue insulating product, consisting of polyethylene foam, chemically cross-linked and closed-cell, laminated with a 20 µm smooth aluminium foil on one side and with a self-adhesive layer on the other.

Expressly designed and developed for use in applications requiring special safety measures, such as in naval sector, navycell® fulfills all the requirements set by the latest European Directive on marine equipment – “Council Directive 2014/90/EU” and European Regulation 2018/773. Consequently, the material has the certificate 0987/MED-B/836 and it is labelled with the wheelmark.

The MED marking guarantees the product quality and safety in two ways:
• the product is certified according to the fire reaction regulations (Module B - EC Type Examination certificates).
• the production quality of the manufacturer is audited and approved by external IMO accredited laboratory (Module D - Production quality assurance).


Navycell® onboard use:

  • Insulation of air ducts
  • Cold utility piping
  • Onboard refrigeration systems
  • Refrigerating compartments

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Navycell®, Thermal insulation for marine sector
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