Module Solar Thermal Condensation Comfortline CSZ


 The solar heat module condensing CSZ Wolf is a product designed to provide at once the most appropriate response to the request for solar single-family.


3 Models available from 11, 20 and 24 kW.

The thermal module is composed by:

>               Condensing boiler (CGB) with efficency up to 110%, and this value remains high throughout the modulation range, with circulation at very low power consumption and high efficiency (class A).

>               Solar tank for hot water with dual coil and capacity 310 liters in steel enamel with a flat tube heat exchangers with low water content to easy heat transfer and reduce the work of the pump.

>               Control module BM integrated in boiler control panel for precise adjustment of all parameters and to manage the plant both solar and heating.

>               Pump high-efficiency solar and low energy consumption with manual speed control to regulate the flow of the solar fluid in a precise manner, with:

o   flowmeter for regulating the flow up

o   One way valve that protects it from unwanted natural circulation.

>               Solar module SM1 (integrated in the group solar pump) for the management and control of the solar circuit with the function of "clever charge tank" that activates the circuit only when the solar performance is sufficient;

>               Expansion tank 25 liters on the solar cycle;

>               Fluid collection container 10 liter solar directly connected to the discharge of the safety valve for solar circuit;

>               Connecting pipes insulated with neoprene insulation.

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Module Solar Thermal Condensation Comfortline CSZ
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