LORENZII: The new generation of Energiebau’s mounting system.

Thanks to LORENZ® mounting system Energiebau undertakes its own way, offering single or double-layer solutions for any kind of roof.
With the single-layer system, it has been developed a basic, convenient and firm-based solution for every coverings. Whether it’s roof tile or corrugated sheet, LORENZ® solo has always the ideal answer to any need.
With the development of double-layer systems LORENZ® eco and plus, Energiebau created a safe and quick mounting system. The plus version shows also a remarkable layout. Continuous fixing and covering profiles make the inner modular surface a homogeneous unit.

Optimized system and added benefit of the services.

LORENZ® renders the system’s base concept in a more consistent way. Every parts (brackets, multiple support, profiles and clamps) are perfectly assembled, as our system statics – tested by specialists and independent institutes - proves.
But the most relevant detail for the customer is the added value. LORENZ® is more than a set of parts. The mounting system includes also several services: LORENZplaner software, a constant after-sales assistance, training courses, quality checks. Each detail drives at a sole goal: the customer’s specific demand.

Safety first! Safe is better!

After two years of research, Energiebau Project Managers developed a mounting system which is steadier and even more compact. Safety of the parts is guaranteed by several intense tensile strength and load testings.
The clamps – as the core of the system – are available in thicknesses from six to eight millimeters. Realized in galvanized or inox steel, they increase stability as well as the yield limit. The profile connection – through the brand new multiple support – requires a lesser number of clamps types. Moreover, the optimization of the force distribution is the ideal solution for windy and snowy areas. It also grants an offset of roof’s irregularities. The four kinds of multiple support are the answer the system gives to specific applications and loading conditions.
LORENZ® has the perfect profile for every need. High capacity and reduced weight are the common factors between all the profiles. The extension with insertable inner connections makes the structure even more steady, having the same section modulus of the profiles themselves. The static load is therefore guaranteed. The brand new stout clamps offer a certified safety. The use of high-quality alloys makes the profiles a stable connection.

The exception becomes the rule. Quick and simple installation.

The new LORENZ® generation is an example of advanced technology and – at the same time – the proof of our closeness to the customer. The quick and simple mounting of the modules has been the central element of our development activities: a mounting system that allows to lay each module with no extra service.
Compared to the previous version, LORENZ® requires a smaller number of parts, making the montage easier and reducing the risk of error. Moreover, preassembled parts – as  clamp, multiple support and bracket – cut down installation time.
Let’s take for example the double-layer system: for a quick mounting of the modules, the upper profile has been equipped with a jutting flap. The modules can be easily placed, without shifting. The click-connection on the profile guarantees the steady disposition of the clamp, giving the absolute certainty of having committed no mistakes.
The new LORENZ® gives also further advantages fit for speeding up the fastening. A great save on time is allowed by the new bracket, supplied with high-quality screws that need no drill holes. The new multiple aluminium support grants a quick leveling of heights. That means an extra bonus for the mounting process!

Technique from emotional intelligence. Nothing is impossible.

These are the two main reasons that makes a successful story of Energiebau: innovative technique and the awareness that this technique must always care about you and about your needs. The direct link between you and LORENZ® has been possible thanks to a stable, safe and proven technique and to an above-the-standard Customer Care.
In that sense we developed a software for planning: a solution in tune with the spirit of the system, in order to save on planning time. LORENZplaner can be described with just four words: “Expressly conceived for roofs”. It may sound a bit obvious but it’s its distinctive feature!
The software has been developed by Energiebau engineers for PV-systems planning and installation. It supplies an extra value, standardizing and completing the system’s documentation.
LORENZplaner meets National regulations and is available in several languages. This software is a remarkable tool for offers and effectiveness calculation and for the creation of bill of materials. LORENZplaner can also easily be updated online. Being easy and intuitive, it has been created to make the daily work performance easier.

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