Automatic compact charging unit with BA-type backflow prevention valve


The compact automatic charging unit is composed of a shut-off valve with an inspectable strainer, a BA-type controllable reduced pressure zone backflow preventer and an automatic filling unit.

It is installed on the water inlet piping in closed circuit heating systems. It maintains the pressure of the system stable at a set value, automatically topping up with water as required.

The backflow preventer prevents the contaminated water of the closed heating circuit from flowing back into the domestic water supply, in accordance with the provisions of EN 1717. The device is supplied complete with preformed shell insulation and features a compact design to facilitate installation.

Technical features

Connections: 1/2” M (EN 10226-1) with union.
Max. working temperature: 65 °C.
Max. working pressure: 10 bar.
Medium: potable water.

Consisting of:

-Controllable reduced pressure zone backflow preventer, BA-type, compliant with EN 12729. Brass body, POM-EPDM sealing gaskets. Stainless steel springs. Complete with discharge tundish with collar for fixing to the drain pipe;

-Pre-adjustable charging unit. Brass body, dezincification resistant alloy control stem. PA6G30 cover. EPDM diaphragm and sealing gaskets. Adjustment range 0,8–4 bar. Pressure gauge with 0–4 bar scale;

-Brass ball shut-off valve. Dezincification resistant alloy ball. EPDM hydraulic seals. PA6G30 lever handle;

-Upstream strainer with mesh size Ø 0,4 mm;

-EPP insulation, density 30 kg/m3.

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Series 508 Technical brochure
Technical files - EN
Series 508 Sell Sheet
Commercial files - EN
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Automatic compact charging unit with BA-type backflow prevention valve
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