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Flir Systems Inc 04.02.2011

FLIR Systems launches FLIR i3 First thermal imaging camera for building inspections for less than 1,000 €

As the world leader in thermal imaging, FLIR Systems considers it its mission not only to produce the best thermal imaging cameras on the market, but also to bring the advantages of thermal imaging cameras to as many users as possible.
Regardless whether you are active in construction, building envelope studies, a building inspector, inspecting and repairing HVAC installations or even a consumer that wants to inspect its house before and after reparations, everyone should have access to thermal imaging cameras and price should not be an object.

That is why FLIR Systems is launching the FLIR i3 for only 995 € !

Economies of scale allow affordable price
FLIR Systems is only able to market the FLIR i3 at the extremely affordable price of 995 € thanks to economies of scale. FLIR Systems is not only active in the building market in maintenance, maritime, automotive, security & surveillance, firefighting, R&D and many other markets. FLIR produces more thermal imaging cameras than any other manufacturer. This means we can market them at an extremely affordable price.

Temperature measurement capabilities
The FLIR i3 produces thermal images of 60 x 60 pixels. This image quality is excellent for first-time thermal imaging camera users. The FLIR i3 detects temperature differences as small as 0.15°C.
A spotmeter in the centre of the image allows for reading accurate temperature values from the thermal image.

3,600 times better than a spot pyrometer
A spot pyrometer only records the temperature of one spot; the FLIR i3 records a full image. Temperature measurements can be made on every pixel of the image. This means that using a FLIR i3 is the same as using 3,600 spot pyrometers at the same time.
It’s easy to miss critical problems with a spot pyrometer. A FLIR thermal imaging camera scans entire components giving you instant diagnostic insights showing the full extent of problems.

The last few years prices of thermal imaging cameras that can be used for building inspections have decreased continuously”, says Christiaan Maras, Marketing Director EMEA, FLIR Systems. “Thanks to this more and more people have discovered the advantages that thermal imaging cameras have to offer. With this new camera, marketed at an extremely low price point, FLIR Systems plans to reach even more users. It is time that the power of thermal imaging can be used by everyone that needs to inspect a building or an HVAC installation. The FLIR i3 is the perfect instrument that will help numerous people in their everyday jobs”.
“FLIR Systems has brought many innovations to the world to thermal imaging and by decreasing the price we have brought thermal imaging from an exotic technology to a well known tool for many users. Again FLIR Systems is the first to further open up the world of thermal imaging with a full featured camera that is available for a price under 1,000 €”.

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FLIR Systems launches FLIR i3 First thermal imaging camera for building inspections for less than 1,000 €
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