FLIR GF304 IR camera for optical gas leaks imaging

Refrigerant gas leaks caused by wear or damage, usually not recognized by most of the diagnostic methods today available, are now quickly and efficiently detectable and identifiable by the new FLIR GF304 IR camera for optical gas imaging.

The new infrared camera has proven efficient and innovative, during field tests, in detecting small gas leaks (otherwise unnoticed) even from large distances, and in reducing the inspection time, by scanning a broad area without interrupting the industrial process.

Keeping an industrial refrigeration system running is of great importance, but the replacement or substitution of its gases can turn into a costly exercise. This is why it is of the utmost importance to find gas leaks, quickly and easily.

By detecting the following refrigerant gases:

- R404A - R407C
- R410A - R134A
- R417A - R422A
- R507A - R143A
- R125 - R245fa

the GF304 camera prevents the system from potential long-term damage and shortages within the product life cycle.

Traditional methods for detecting refrigerant gas leaks normally require the use of detectors, capable of testing only 60% of the installations, on average, depending on the model and the duct routing.
Thanks to FLIR GF304 and to its ergonomic design, characterized by a bright LCD and a tiltable viewfinder, the accessibility has improved, and it is getting easier to scan areas of interest, traditionally difficult to reach.

The visual output of the new GF304 infrared camera clearly highlights each point of gas leak and automatically provides clients or engineers with well-documented reports, including a thermal image of the situation and accurate information on the scope and implications of the deficiency.

The wireless connectivity, facilitated by a USB WiFi adapter allows the connection of FLIR GF304 camera to smart phones or tablet PCs, as for image transfer or remote control.

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