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Flir Systems Inc 27.02.2014

FLIR Ex series: a new dimension in the inspection ability

Identify problems of isolation, inspect floor heating systems and diagnose anomalies with all the precision and quality of Thermographic images.
With the new Flir Ex Series cameras easier, faster and precise inspections, easier transport with all the precision and quality of Thermographic images.

FLIR Ex Series cameras are the ideal tool to identify problems of isolation, to inspect floor heating systems and diagnose many other anomalies. Simple and intuitive, they offer to the user the opportunity to bring its inspection abilities to a new dimension: inspectors will find out quickly the advantages of FLIR cameras.

Thanks to fixed lens that does not require focus, the FLIR Ex Series is extremely easy to use. Designed for users who want to approach Thermography, it can detect temperatures up to +250° c. It produces instantly thermographic images in JPEG format with all the needed data to measure the temperature.

Advantageous alternative to pyrometers, this solution produces Thermographic images with thermal information for each pixel. A FLIR camera can analyze entire surfaces without risking to miss a potential problem, it doesn’t matter how small it may be.

All the FLIR Ex Series cameras weigh only 575 grams and can be carried easily into a belt pouch.

A built-in camera makes it quicker and easier to observe and inspect as the visual image can be used as further reference to analyze the thermal image. The MSX technology, patented by FLIR, produces excellent quality images in real time, adding more details to the Thermographic images, allowing faster subject framing and also in the production of reports that are more organized and understandable.

The new Ex-series includes feature-rich cameras at exceptionally convenient prices, starting at just € 995 (excl. VAT).

The FLIR Tools software is free for all users of the Ex Series cameras. FLIR Tools allows to import thermal images on a PC to generate simple reports and survey analysis.

To have advanced analysis functions, you can use the optional FLIR Tools + software.

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FLIR Ex series: a new dimension in the inspection ability
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