FEKABOX 200, tank for domestic waste water

DABpumps presents FEKABOX 200, the tank for domestic waste water ideal to be installed in limited spaces.


Tanks for domestic waste water arriving from drainage systems of various types or storm drains, for systems located below the sewer network such as garages or basements, when the sewers cannot be reached by gravity.

The pump installed in the tank allows the waters to be conveyed into the sewer. The tank has numerous possibilities for connecting pipes at input, output and ventilation, allowing adequate use even in limited spaces. A grinder pump can also be installed in the tank, able to break up any foreign bodies in the waste water and project them at long distances.

The FEKABOX is designed for use with just one automatic single-phase pump with float switch, which must be ordered separately.

Components included:

  • A lifting device 2” PP and anti-rotation bracket for FEKA VS e VX
  • Cable gland for single pump
  • Connection 2” F x 1 x 1/4 M per FEKA 600
  • Floating cable clamp kit FEKA VS e VX

Technical features

Operating range: from 1 to 24 m³/h with a head of up to 15 mt.

Pumped liquid:
ground water, rain water, clear waste water, black waste water and water from rivers and lakes.

Maximum liquid temperature range:

Inside or outside the building.

Laid on the floor, under the ground or housed.
Material: LLDPE

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Fekabox and Fekafos, automatic pumping stations - DABpumps
Technical files - EN
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FEKABOX 200, tank for domestic waste water
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