Certification Solutions of Photovoltaic Systems


UL is a world leader in the safety, performance and quality conformity of PV systems. Established as a safety certification organization in the USA in 1894, UL now operates internationally with a comprehensive range of conformity assessment service. 

By providing multiple certifications from one source, UL is positioned to help manufacturers quickly gain the compliance credentials they need to compete in the global marketplace.

Global Network and Relations
UL has a powerful global network of technical experts and state-of-the-art PV and inverter laboratories with OSHA & CBTL accreditation, as well as longstanding relations with regulatory authorities, partner laboratories and industry leaders.

Accelerated Go-To-Market Time
UL facilitates global market access through one investigation with bundled services – to optimize project turnaround time, minimize administration and reduce project costs.

High Performance Partnerships
Thanks to powerful partnerships with entities such as Atlas Materials Testing Technology (USA), CENER (Spain), EXOVA (Canada), Jet (Japan), KIER (Korea), NCKU (Taiwan), SGEPRI (China), TERTEC (Taiwan), TIPS (China) and TTC (Taiwan), UL is able to provide comprehensive local testing and certification services to further accelerate global market access.

Safety, Performance and Quality Conformity

UL provides combined services for the entire PV system:

• PV Array and ‘Balance of System’: PV Modules, Inverters, Fuses, Connectors, Polymeric Materials, Roofing Materials, Concentrated PV, Mounting Systems, Solar Tracker, Solar Collectors, Building Integrated PV, Wiring, Junction Boxes, Fuse Holders, Combiner Boxes, Grounding Devices, Charge Controllers.
• Inverter Testing and Certification with dedicated laboratories in the USA and Europe.
• Single Test and sequence services program to support distributors and manufacturers in research and development prototype and design, reliability and verification testing.

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Certification Solutions of Photovoltaic Systems
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