Capacitor discharge stud welding guns PHM-1A

Pistola manuale a scarica di condensatore


The compact stud welding gun PHM-1A is designed for capacitor discharge stud welding (gap method). It guarantees optimum welding results and repeatability and is very easy to use. The PHM-1A stands out through its robust construction and high reliability. Its ergonomic design and low weight assure tireless working.
Optionally, the PHM-1A is available with integrated travel measuring system. Using this the lift adjustment couldn`t be easier. Moreover, it enables a quality monitoring by measuring and recording of stud protrusion before the weld as well as stud travel (lift, immersion depth, immersion speed and short-circuit time) during the weld.

Technical features

  • Welding range: 2/10 mm;
  • Weldable materials: Aluminum
  • Welding cable: 3m / 25mm2
  • Pin typology: Threaded studs, bushings, plain pins, nails (PK-ISO)

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Capacitor discharge stud welding guns PHM-1A
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