Calido heat pump for domestic hot water



  • Steel tank with double layer vitrification.
  • Anti-corrosion magnesium stick for assuring the durability of the tank.
  • Condenser wrapped externally to the boiler, free from fouling and gas-water contamination.
  • High thickness polyurethane foam (PU) thermal insulation.
  • Outer shell made of grey colour RAL 9006 plastic material.
  • Acoustically isolated top part plastic cover.
  • Highly efficient compressor with the R134a refrigerant.
  • High and low gas pressure protections.
  • Electrical heater available in the unit as a back-up (with integrated thermo cut out with protection set at 90°C), assuring constant hot water even in extreme cold winters.
  • ON-OFF contact for starting the unit from an external switch.
  • Weekly disinfection cycle.
  • Possibility of manage hot sanitary water re-circulation or solar water integration (presence of a dedicated temperature probe, flow switch input and command for an external pump).
  • Electronic expansion valve for precise control
  • The pipeline intake/discharge of the air can be reduced from 177 to 160 mm by a reduction / diaphragm (not provided) inserted into the end of the pipeline.


  • The actual set of the heat pump is controlled by a climate curve for preventing that the hot air taken from outside (over 25°C with water at 65°C, over 35°C with water at 55°C) may cause high pressure alarms.
  • The electrical heater integrates automatically the temperature of the tank to the desired setting when the actual setting is controlled by the weather curve.
  • Predisposition for integration with photovoltaic system. After enabling the photovoltaic inverter, the set temperature will increase to the maximum value (according to the climate control).



  • Waste heat recovery: the unit can be installed near the kitchen, in the boiler-room or the garage, basically in every room which has a large number of waste-heat so that it has the higher energy efficiency even with very low outside temperatures during the winter.
  • Hot water, cooling and dehumidification: the unit can be placed in the laundry room, in clothing room, gym or garage. When it produces hot water it lowers the temperature and dehumidifies the room as well.
  • Compatible with solar energy: the unit can work with a second heat source as solar panels, boilers or other different energy sources (remark: the extra heat source is not provided with).
  • The function for which the unit has been designed is only that of heat pump for DHW production. Any other side effect (ambient cooling, dehumidification, waste heat recovery) should be considered as a perk. The performance data are therefore provided only with respect to the function of water heating.

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Calido heat pump for domestic hot water
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