BABY-STAR stainless steel expansion vessels are a high quality product, thanks to the materials used offering maximum guarantee for hygiene, resistance and duration. They in fact consist of an outside shell in stainless steel AISI 304 and a precharged interchangeable membrane in BUTYL and EPDM, non-toxic materials with very low permeability. This feature ensures that precharging inside the vessel remains unaltered for a long time, preventing the membrane from breaking due to excessive dilatation. If the membrane should break, the water will come into contact with the stainless steel, without being contaminated and without altering the internal surface of the expansion vessel, making it therefore economically advantageous to replace the membrane and use the tank again. We can install different membranes to use expansion vessels with special liquids (oils, glycol, etc.) on request. In virtue of the thickness of the sheet-steel used to make them, the BABYSTAR stainless steel expansion vessels are capable of working at a maximum working pressure of 14 Bar.
There will also be a 20 libre version (BABY-STAR ALPHA 20/2 HP model) with a different thickness and a special flange for working up a maximun working pressure of 25 Bar.

The BABY-STAR series of stainless steel expansion vessels can also be coupled in battery, to surface centrifugal electropumps, or to submerged electropumps, to create automatic lifting units and are particularly suited for being installed in areas where corrosion, due for example to salinity and/or chemico-physical agents, make it inadvisable to install standard painted steel vessels; or else they can be installed to compensate hot water expansion in central heating systems and systems for producing hot water with a plate exchanger or boiler. The BABY-STAR series of stainless steel expansion vessels are made to hold from 2 to 500 litres; all these models stand vertically while the models from 20 to 500 litres are horizontal.

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