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General Membrane Spa
Via Venezia 28, 28, 30022, Ceggia (VE), Italia
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General Membrane Spa

Waterproofing membranes, equal to other products, are one of the “jewels” of Made in Italy.
Our membranes are made in Ceggia, close to Venice, in Italy. Here, in modern plants recently enlarged and rigorously tested, we realize membranes APAO, APP and SBS, with specialized collaborators who allow us to obtain high Quality levels in production.
The strong point of General Membrane is the production flexibility, with daily production planning defined for satisfying “just in time” the Customers demands in the shortest period.
At Ceggia we always carry out Quality Control tests for every production and for every incoming lot of raw materials. It is our Policy to give trust to our suppliers, but at the same time every single supply is tested.
All General Membrane products are traceable even up to the used lots of raw materials, also all the controls carried out on these are traceable. General Membrane keeps samples of every production, for any eventuality. We manage the logistic of our goods, which are stocked and sent all around Italy and abroad. Every delivery is featured by a traceability of the delivered goods, until final destination.
General Membrane’s waterproofing membranes are CE marked (with SGS United Kingdom Certification nr. GB06/69203), according to new Community Regulation regarding building products, they don’t contain tar, asbestos dusts or other substances dangerous for human health.

Our Company has been for a long time ISO 9001 Certified both for design and production of waterproofing membranes and for the trading of every complementary product. The Certification for all Company Processes has been the starting point of Continuous Improvement Policy for our organization and, therefore, for achieving the Quality level of all our products.
The Quality choice has been a winning one: our Customers rewarded us with their loyalty, so constant that during the years this has permitted us to realize further investments. Together we created a virtuous circle of Quality and mutual Satisfaction, with advantages for everybody.
A waterproofing membrane General Membrane has an optimum performance: it is long lasting, it doesn’t need maintenance, it is easy to adapt and apply in every climatic situation, and it increases the life of the roof and allows an economic saving regarding the frequency of substitution.

The General Membrane Site in Ceggia is ISO 14001:2004 Certified for the Environmental Management System. General Membrane believes that the Environment Culture Value is very important and indispensable.
To choose General Membrane products is to give trust to a Company producing in the total respect of the laws concerning Environment and Safety, which has commitments to the employees, to the external: local community, environment, to follow a Policy for the respect of the Environment through clear improvement programs of its environmental performances.
General Membrane supplies Quality products, managed with care and without wasting energy and water resources, using not harmful raw materials, with the correct waste disposal and reduce waste production stimulating their recycling for other uses, choosing plants and machinery respecting workers Safety and Environmental Care, reducing to the minimum the emissions in the atmosphere and not creating sound pollution.
All this at a right price.

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