Alusistemi S.r.l.

Alusistemi S.r.l.
Via Marconi , 4, 35030, Caselle Di Selvazzano (PD), Italia
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Alusistemi S.r.l.

ALUSISTEMI is the last-born in ALUTEAM group and it represents the missing link in its chain.
As a matter of facts, through the engineering and sales of its systems, ALUSISTEMI combines ALUVENETA’s thirty-year experience in the study and production of aluminium profiles with ALUTECNICA’s proficiency and technological innovation in the processing field.

With this logic, ALUSISTEMI has developped “Atlante”, the innovative system of aluminium alloy and stainless steel profiles and accessories which allows the installing of mounting systems for photovoltaic panels.
It includes two main types of systems called Atlante 45 and Atlante 80.

The first one contains brackets, anchors and support systems for standard PV installations (for ex: flat roofs with rows composed by one panel each, pitched roofs with tiles and curved tiles, etc.).

Atlante 80, instead, is involved when special mounting systems are required, such as great photovoltaic structures with considerable distance between supports and with modules on 2-3 rows. Atlante 80 serves up the realization of structures for photovoltaic parks or applications on roofing with Y-beams and sheds.

Atlante system is conceived for a rapid and functional assembly in order to optimize and minimize time and costs of installation of the plants.

For this purpose, besides a headquarters building that covers 5000 square metres with 5 automatic machining centres inside, Alusistemi makes use of technicians with proven experience and design dynamism: thanks to them, each product is submitted to appropriate calculations and tests in order to provide the customers with high quality products and systems, ensuring at the same time long duration and warranty over time.

The great experience and proficiency aquired over the years by our group, allows us to face the market with innovative product lines, providing quick and competent answers to the most specific requirements.

In this way, in Alusitemi ideas become projects which, in their turn, become systems, thanks to the insight and passion of a team of people constantly oriented towards a specific target: to provide SOLUTIONS.

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