Enolgas Bonomi S.p.a.

Enolgas Bonomi S.p.a.
Via Europa, 227, 25062, Concesio (BRESCIA), Italia
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Enolgas Bonomi S.p.A.


Today Enolgas is a hallmark of the decades of experience that encompasses Enolgas Bonomi, a leader in the field of valves and home automation systems.

Founded in 1960 as a family business, specialising in the production of brass ball valves, Enolgas Bonomi is now a group with a diverse range of products and a strong presence in international markets.

A structured company able to respond to the demands of its customer with flexibility and enthusiasm, without compromising on quality.
In fact Enolgas Bonomi has been ISO 9001 certified since 1991 and works closely with university departments.
The result? Production full of innovative solutions and always in line with international standards.


Enolgas Bonomi's production is characterized by numerous patents - both Italian and international - and 3 specific divisions:
  • Brass valves;
  • Steel valves;
  • System.
A wide range of products and services that will meet any requirement of the market: from standard products for the feasibility study and the subsequent creation of new products.
Any request will find with in Enolgas brand his answer: customized solutions, in line with international standards and - most of all - quality advanced thanks to the constant supervision of the quality control department.


A record for the period, which Enolgas Bonomi wants to maintain over time, through close collaboration with the departments of university research and upgrading activity for its products under the law of the different markets.

The production is certified by external bodies and provides qualitative and functional testing to 100% of finished products. In addition, some product lines are also subject to voluntary certification of products, with direct withdrawal by third party, in the production departments during machining, assembly and testing.

As said in order to offer its customers the best guarantees in terms of quality and safety. A focus on quality and innovation, which can be accommodated only in one company able to look with confidence to the future.


  • Long-time experience: Enolgas has been on the market since 1960 and it is renowned for its quality and reliability. As all the components inside the metering box are manufactured by Enolgas (valves, metal box, motorised valves) there is a total control on the final product;
  • Great flexibility in offering customized products which can solve practical problems: the wide range of valves and boxes we manufacture allows us to create each time the item which is more suitable for each installation;
  • Sales-and after-sales service: thanks to our electronic and thermo technical know how we can assist the installer from the initial design to the setting-up of the installation;
  • Competitive price: the rare opportunity of manufacturing almost all the components directly gives Enolgas the chance to bypass all the “commercial” steps thus granting a competitive price.

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