AV-MODUL is an accounting and management system of user modules which, when combined, allow to meet various system requirements.

Handling of two or more sections of a heating system with two different levels of temperature 
Adjustment of the mixing at a fixed point or temperature sliding
Accounting of energy with automatic heating/cooling mode
Output connection with ACS and AFS taps rights or square box
Depth 110 mm
Thermal/acoustic insulation suitable for heating and cooling

1 A form of accounting in 3 versions:                                                                
- AV-0 without zone valve                                                                                
- AV-2 with 2-way zone valve                                                                           
- AV-3 with 3-way bypass zone valve.
2 ACS Kit 2 meter with output from the bottom or side
3 Kit with AFS counter output from the bottom or side
4 Removal of high temperature distribution manifolds including nipples link to the form of accounting
5 Kit includes mixing low temperature circulator
6 Distribution manifolds for radiant panels with adjustable air vent, flow control (flow-meter) and motorized valves
7 Retaining box unit

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