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Sandy Chien

Employee Yueqing Lks Cable Tie Co.,ltd
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Yueqing Lks Cable Tie Co.,ltd
Yueqing, 325604, Wenzhou (ZHEJIANG), Italia
Phone. 0086-15158575877

Activity description

YUEQING LKS CABLE TIE CO.,LTD is a specialist manufacturer and exporter of a wide array of predominantly stainless steel cable tie and wiremarkers system. Our innovative products are in widespread use worldwide, in virtually every industrial segment. For more details,welcome to visit our

Projects Gallery

Handcuffs type cable tie
push mount cable tie
Steel-lock nylon cable tie
Double -locking nylon cable tie
Releasable nylon cable tie
Marker nylon cable ties
self-locking nylon cable ties
Strapping band band tooling
Strapping band tooling
Stainless steel strapping band buckles
stainless steel cable tie gun
stainless steel tags
Coated stainless steel strapping band
stainless steel band
Universal type ss cable tie
Ladder stainless steel cable tie
Releasable stainless steel cable tie
L type coated stainless steel cable tie
Ball-lock stainless steel cable tie
Colorized PVC coated ball-lock stainless steel cable tie
PVC coated ball-lock stainless steel cable tie

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