SageGlass® Electronically Tintable Glass


SageGlass electronically tintable glass gives you the power to change your environment by doing what ordinary glass can’t do: It switches from clear to darkly tinted at the push of a button. Now you can enjoy the sun’s benefits while rejecting its undesirable effects such as fading, glare, and excessive heat — all without losing the view and connection to the outdoors. This grants architects the freedom to design with more daylighting without the drawbacks typically associated with glass.
One revolutionary product delivers all these benefits:
• Stops solar heat when needed
• Always keeps a view and connection to the outdoors
• Blocks glare
• Dramatically reduces fading

The SageGlass product has an unparalleled solar heat gain coefficient of 0.09 in its tinted state, which is about three times better than that offered by most commercial glazings. In this state, the glass transmits 3% visible light. The breakthrough benefit is that when the glass doesn’t need to be that dark—for instance, when it’s cloudy outside and you want light or it’s winter and you want heat from the sun—you can untint the glass and bring the visible light transmission up to 62% and the SHGC up to 0.48, stopping in between as needed to optimize for occupant comfort and energy savings.  It’s like having multiple types of glass in one window opening.

Reducing solar heat gain directly impacts energy and other expenses associated with operating a building.  Prof. Gianni Loddo’s building modeling work at the University of Cagliari shows that use of SageGlass® glazings can provide greater than 50% annual energy saving when installed in a Mediterranean climate.  In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that electronically tintable window systems are capable of providing up to:
• 40% savings on energy bills
• 20% savings on operating costs
• 24% reduction in peak demand
• 25% decrease in the size of HVAC systems

SageGlass® Product Performance and Feature Description
• Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) modulated from 0.48 to 0.09
• Visible light transmission (VLT) modulated from 62% to 3% T
• Low-emissivity coating
• Variable tint control between fully tinted and fully clear states to optimize comfort and energy savings
• Integration with a wide range of building automation systems, through RS232, RS45, BacNet, LonWorks, dry contact interfaces.
• Standalone, user programmable, automated control of tinting based on time of day or solar clock or input from sensors (e.g. occupancy, light, temperature etc.).

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SageGlass® Electronically Tintable Glass
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