What does a module have to be able to do in order to be perfect?
At Conergy, we know what we are talking about: Across the globe, every
tenth module is manufactured, sold or installed by us. And we place the
highest demands on ourselves: to get the most out of the sun.
The solar module takes on an important key role. This is where electricity is generated. What remains unused here cannot be compensated for by even the most intelligent system planning.
And thus, the idea was born to develop the perfect module ourselves. And we have succeeded.
It has to generate high yields. Over a long period. Ultimately, the important
thing is reliable power generation over many years. Since the investment
in a solar energy system has to be economically worthwhile.
The cells – the heart of every module – and the module frames are manufactured internally by Conergy. We procure glass and films from well-known international manufacturers that we have trusted as our partners for many years. The rear-ventilated connection box, developed jointly
with our suppliers, comes from Switzerland. We use only high-quality polyurethane as electrical insulation. And instead of silicone, a special adhesive tape connects the glass solar cell laminate with the module frame. This ensures high strength and durability.

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