MARV5 outdoor Unit by Maxa

Five outdoor units available for MARV5, 8 HP, 10 HP, 12 HP, 14 HP and 16 HP, and they can be connected in parallel, maximum 4 to reach 64 HP, maximum 64 indoor units and maximum index capacity 130% of outdoor unit nominal cooling capacity.



In case of two or more outdoor units are connected in parallel, only one unit can be a master unit, so all other outdoor units need to be set as slave 1, 2 or 3 (according to the number of unit 2, 3 or 4 in parallel) by the switch on main control board of each one outdoor units. So only one master unit, but the control will rotate the units according to working hours, in this way all outdoor units connected in parallel will have more or less the same working hours, and this will ensure more reliability and duration of the outdoor units.

When a MARV5 system has two or more outdoor units connected in parallel and one of these has an injury or is broken, system can run without this broken outdoor unit, also in case master unit has an injury. It will be enough to cut off power supply to broken unit, and if it is the master unit, it will be necessary to set as master unit one of the slave units on the system.

1000 m total pipes lenght with 175 m of real lenght from outdoor unit and farthest indoor unit (200 m of equivalent lenght). 40/90* m is the maximum equivalent lenght from first branch joint and the farthest indoor units, and up to 110** m of height difference between outdoor unit and indoor units (15 m between indoor units). Thanks to this characteristics MARV5 series meets different installation inquiries.

Thanks to new 4h series indoor unit it will be easier, faster and cheaper to make wiring for indoor units central controller. It will be possible to connect WGC4 or WGC3 only with outdoor unit. The old wiring method, WGC4 or WGC4 connected with all indoor units, will remain available in case client prefers this alternative possibility.

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MARV5 outdoor Unit by Maxa
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